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October 18, 2016 @ 1:25 am

Episode 8: My Regrets to the Listeners

This episode was supposed to be the original episode 7, the back-up episode for the still-to-be-made Dominican Republic Part Two episode.  I made this episode.  And then I hated it.  HATED it.  And yet I couldn't bring myself to delete it.  I hated the episode for the truth that it contained.  Who are you to know my secrets?  My flaws?  And then I realized that it was insulting to the listener to make a regular podcast all about myself, which is grossly narcissistic in and of itself, and then to offer you only the approved-for-podcast me.  If I'm going to be in for a penny, I should be in for a pound.  And frankly maybe I will learn from this and grow, or some such shit.


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